Monika Golla is an interdisciplinary artist, composer and curator.

She focuses on sound and spatial installations, imaging performances, electroacoustic compositions and videos. Site-specific work is an important concern for her. The artist does not allow herself to be limited to a single genre and develops her installations with different media and materials depending on the topic.

Many concepts are designed to interact with the audience. In order to create the greatest possible identification with the exhibition or action location, she not only finds the topics that concern her in the immediate vicinity, but also often the materials required for them. To this end, she involves her audience in the procurement process in advance and creates works of art from personal belongings of the subsequent recipients. When such installations are subsequently dismantled, the loans are returned to the owners as shares of a work of art.

In addition to the visual form, sound plays a decisive role in the works of Monika Golla. Sound and form always form a unity for her. Therefore, her concepts are difficult to classify into defined categories. Sometimes it is the sound that determines the form, sometimes the image that determines the composition. In her electroacoustic pieces, which are performed or broadcast purely acoustically, the composer also aims at the association of individual images in the listener's mind. She uses soundscape recordings as well as synthesizer or computer-generated sound sequences. Classical instruments and vocal voices also form the material for her sound pieces.

Since the overall staging is a relevant aspect of her works, Monika Golla also conceives sound and imaging performances. Many of her sound installations serve her as an instrument. In others, for example, videos play a part of the composition, or it is the performance venue itself that receives a voice, whether through appropriate microphones or live recording of the room.

In all artistic approaches, the artist likes to cooperate with colleagues of all genres.

Monika Golla is also active in an advisory and curatorial capacity. In addition to mixed-media exhibition concepts, she also develops interdisciplinary performances and composes sounds for visual or performing works by her colleagues.
Since 2020, she has been researching new forms of presentation and digital receptions of spatial and perspectively diverse art projects.

The artist lives and works in Starzach and Darmstadt.